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FCG in the breton storm

  • Mickaël Capelli
  • Solomoni Junior Rasolea
  • RCV - FCG

After a completely missed first half hour, with too much indiscipline, the "Rouge & Bleu" could never get back on track and hope for a better result tonight in Vannes (27-12)

The FCG's programme was strong this Friday, with the longest trip of the season to Vannes, where the Breton players have been undefeated for almost a year.

The first half of the first period was largely in favour of the Bretons, who took advantage of the Grenoble indiscpline to take the lead (3-0, 6'). After 10 minutes of play, the Vannetais, get a penalty in the Grenoble camp and go to the sidelines. After this one, the shift was made on the right wing and Gratien was able to score the first try of the match (10-0, 15'). On this action, Junior Rasolea was shown a yellow card for a high tackle on the Morbihan winger, just as he was about to score.

In numerical inferiority, the "Rouge & Bleu" have the opportunity to come back to the score, first by a penalty from Enzo Selponi, then following a huge drive ball. But neither of these two chances will result in points. And when Junior Rasolea came back into play, Davit Kubriashvili took a yellow card for an illegal defence on a maul. The Bretons will score on the next one (17-0, 28', then 20-0, 31')

Touched, the FCG was not sunk. And Mickaël Capelli sounded the comeback by scoring a try, under the posts (20-7, 35').

The start of the second half was in favour of the Grenoble team. After a scrum on the 40 vannetais, Junior Rasolea inherited the ball and slipped behind the line (20-12, 44'). We think then that the Grenoble team will be able to fight for the win of the match, but they get caught in the next action, after a good sequence of Gratien, concluded by Muarua (27-12, 48')

The Grenoble side then had possession throughout the last half-hour of the game, but were too clumsy to get back on track. The Vannetais, if they have had one or two opportunities, will not score either.

The FCG concedes to Vannes its first defeat at 0 points of the season, but nevertheless keeps the lead in the Pro D2 ranking, a week before hosting Béziers at the Stade des Alpes. Nevertheless, the "Rouge & BLeu" continue their unfortunate series of losing the first game of each block....