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The end of a 4-victory streak

  • Lucas Dupont
  • Solomoni Junior Rasolea
  • USON - FCG

FCG lost to Nevers for the first loss of 2020 (27-18)

After four consecutive victories, the "Rouge & Bleu" moved to Nevers to complete the first block of the year 2020. They had to win to regain the lead of the championship.

Unfortunately, it took the Isèrois an hour to get back into the game. In big difficulties in conquest, and especially in the scrum, FCG was coldly picked in the first penalty shoot-out of Nevers (5-0, 4'). Although Gaëtan Germain was able to reduce the score (5-3, 12'), the Isèrois were deprived of the ball. After long minutes spent in the 22 Grenoble players, Nevers recovers a penalty (on which Steeve Blanc-Mappaz receives a yellow card), which is quickly played by Joris Cazenave (12-3, 21'). If the Grenoble side manage to recover, especially defensively, they conceded two more penalties before the break (18-3, 40').

The Grenoble players are better in the second half. They scored the first points through Gaëtan Germain (18-6, 48'), but they then gave up after the long sequences of USON players in the Isère camp (21-6, 56'). The bench's contribution will nevertheless be felt: After a long sequence of "Red & Blue" in the 22 opponents, Junior Rasolea can cross the defence and score the first try of the FCG (21-13, 59'). Nevers adds a penalty (24-13, 72'), but Grenoble comes back in the 22 opponents and, in a sequence somewhat similar to the one that preceded Junior Rasolea's try, Lucas Dupont scores at the end of the line (24-18, 74').

Unfortunately, Grenoble were unable to negotiate the dismissal and conceded a final penalty (27-18, 80').

This zero point trip pushed FCG back down the standings and the "Rouge & Bleu" moved into third place, behind Perpignan and Colomiers. After a few days of recuperation, the players will begin Friday the preparation of the reception of Perpignan, on February 13th at the Stade des Alpes!