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"Finding playing time and good team spirit."

  • Julien Ruaud

Arriving from Clermont, Julien Ruaud started the preparation of the 2020-2021 season with his new teammates.

You arrived a few days ago in Grenoble?

"Yes, that's it. I arrived last Saturday. Finally, the Saturday of two weeks ago. I started training last week. So, that's it, that's great. »

This begining of the season is taking place in a particular context

"Of course, we did a little. But it's true that I think it's harder than last season. Because we've had the cut. A big cut. There's obviously a lot of work to do to get back into shape. Of course there is. "

How did you experience the time of lockdown?

"I hurt myself last December. So I did a lot of rehab. It's true that the confinement, in relation to my ankle, I'm a little behind. But it's catching up now. Everything's going to be all right. "

You train in groups of 6 or 7 players. Does that make integration easier or is it the other way around?

"In small groups, it's fun, because you get to know the guys better. It's true that when you're forty, you can't talk to everyone. That's for sure, I'm creating a little more affinity with my group. But it's true that we all try to see each other from a distance. We're all trying to discover each other. That's for sure. "

Did you know any FCG players before you arrived?

"Of course I did. I know Simu. I played with her for years. We were in the final of the U-21. I knew him a bit. Afterwards, I knew a few guys, but they left. Mickaël Capelli, Etienne Fourcade. They're from my generation. But hey, yeah, I know a lot of guys. I met them in the Top 14 the previous seasons. "

FCG will be your first club outside the Auvergne. How do you approach this?

"My first flight. But, afterwards, it's something that was close to my heart. To come to Grenoble. I love this club. I love the way it plays. To train. It's a club that's always been at the top level. In both competitions. Me, I definitely need some playing time. Because in Clermont, it was a bit complicated. I came to get some playing time. And good team spirit. "

You mainly play number 8?

"That's right. Kind of all three. I play third row and second row. But I definitely prefer to play 8."

In this position, you're gonna have a big competitor in Deon Fourie.

"He's a big competitor. He's a very big player. I'll try to learn from him. And there you go. I'm gonna try to scratch as many minutes as I can. "

What's your style of play?

"I like to carry the ball. I like the line-out. I like defense. I try to be as complete as possible. Afterwards, I prefer to play 8, carry the ball and move the team forward. "

This will be your first Pro D2 experience. How do you feel about it?

"I know that it's a championship that is very formative for the forwards. It's obviously a very tough championship. I don't think there's a big difference with the Top 14 forwards. Afterwards, it's sure that behind it goes a little bit faster in the Top 14. But up front, it's very formative and I think it's even more formative than the Top 14. "