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"Be fully invested. Especially on the pitch"

  • Adrien Seguret

Arriving from Lyon via Mont-de-Marsan, where he was on loan, Adrien Séguret now wears the colours of FCG. Discover this explosive three-quarter centre, the 2018 U-20 world champion

How do you feel after a few days in the Alps?

"Fine so far. Integration is going well. Right now I'm starting to discover the infrastructure, discovering the guys. So far, so good. It's working very well and I'm happy to be here. "

Did you know many of the players on the squad?

"Not really. I just knew Pierre Gayraud, second line. I'd been around him before. And Anto Berruyer. With whom we had some good times. "

How did you experience the confinement period?

"Quite difficult. Because it's true that the lockdown was a little tough. I managed to train, but it was a little long in the end. Like everybody else, I think. I had a bit of trouble staying at home, working out at home, training at home. And the deconfinement was good for me, like everybody else. I was in Albi, at my parents' house. Just, in the last week, I was in Lyon to move my flat. I moved around a bit at the end. "

After a full season in Mont-de-Marsan, you preferred to stay in Pro D2 rather than try your luck again in Top 14. Why did you do that?

"I spent a loan season in Mont-de-Marsan which went really well, where I played one match after another. And I wanted to stay on that dynamic. To continue to have some playing time, in a Pro D2 club, rather than come back into the Top 14 a little too soon, I feel like saying. To sit on the bench. Or in the stands. I want to continue to be invested to the maximum in a team, both on and off the pitch. But especially on the field. That's why I made that choice and I'm happy about it. "

What kind of player are you?

"Let's just say I'm a three-quarter center kind of dynamiter. That is to say that I like to arrive with the right timing on the line, manage to put energy on the line. And afterwards, trying to regulate on defense, not to make mistakes. I'm working on playing around me. But, it's true that what I prefer is to attack the line. "

Kind of like Alaska Taufa?

"Yeah, a little less in the power profile. I'm more trying to stand out from the lean or the racing lines. Even though he does it very well. It's true that I'm still a little less strong than him. I think we can be complementary. It's great to play with him. "

Do you prefer first or second center?

"I'm more like 12. But, let's say that, with Stéphane, we discussed it. It's true that I wouldn't mind being 13 either. Working on my versatility is good too. "