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Amazons mobilise for Women's Rights Day

  • Amazones

This 8th March, on the occasion of Women's Rights Day, the AFPA (National Agency for Adult Vocational Training) invited the Amazons to participate in a special day around women! 

Company visits, exhibitions, testimonies, this day aimed to break down prejudices and demonstrate that women have their place in all professions and sports. What could be more logical than the intervention of the 2 rugbywoman to bear witness to this? 

Rugby is still a sport considered as "gendered", but our Amazons are here to show us the contrary! Manaé Feleu, Alexandra Chambon as well as Emmanuel Pellorce (Elite 1 coach) & Jean-Jacques Vartanian (President of the Amazones) testified to the growing place of women in sport and particularly in rugby. Gilles Croset and Christian Brottier also accompanied this "Red & Blue" delegation.

Congratulations to the AFPA for this organisation and for this invitation!