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FCG awarded at the WHO Trophies

Every year, the WHO Sports Awards ceremony is held in the town hall with all the nominees. This year it was impossible because of the health crisis, so TéléGrenoble hosted the ceremony on its set.

The FCG through its representatives (players, volunteers, employees ...) was nominated in 5 categories: 

- Manaé FELEU for the sports category of the year
- Romain FUSIER for the men's hope category
- the club and especially the actions supported by its Endowment Fund in the "Sport and Solidarity" category 
- Franck Mathurin for the Volunteer of the Year category 
- the FCG for the "Sport and ecological transition" category 

The club leaves with 2 trophies!

Franck Mathurin as volunteer of the year: Franck began his role as an educator in 1998 with the under 5s team, then the -7s, -11s, -10s and -12s. He started as a "water carrier" with no rugby knowledge. He saw Killian Geraci, Ange Capuozzo and Regis Montagne pass through his categories.

In his words: "When you start with the little ones, you have more of a role as an animator-educator than as a coach. And that's what I liked at first.

Franck quickly fell in love with rugby and its values. He decided to improve his skills and enrolled in a training course to learn more about the sport.

"If I continue to coach for all these years it is also because rugby evolves, the people I have coached change, so we continue to learn and now my son is playing rugby (at the club), so I am still in the circuit.

Beyond being a very good educator, Franck is passionate, listening to others, eager to continue learning... Always present at the meeting. The rugby school says a big THANK YOU to him.

And the FCG in the category "Sport and ecological transition", indeed the FCG sets up several projects aiming at improving sustainable development as a whole as well as the well-being of its employees (reduction of single-use plastics, sorting, organic fruit and vegetable baskets delivered to the stadium, ditto for the meat via our pillar Jérôme Rey, involvement with local associations, support for national movements - pink October, movember..., sponsorship of the Women's Cancer Centre of the CHU of Grenoble by the Amazons...).

You can watch or re-watch the show on TéléGrenoble.net, by clicking HERE

Congratulations and thanks to the OMS for this 18th ceremony of the Sports Trophies!