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The CISP has changed its governance

The CISP has changed its governance, it is now chaired by Patrick Mordenti after Jacques Vanin and Jean Garcia, the founder.

Within our club we have this commission which accompanies the school and professional projects of our girls and boys.

It is the CISP "Commission for School and Professional Integration and Follow-up" which is composed of 12 volunteers from secondary, higher and university education, and from the business world in connection with the club's partners.

Our CISP commission is at the service of all the members of the club (or those close to the club), to help them in their double project (studies and sports) by bringing its assistance in particular for their research of training, internship, alternance or employment.

Each year the team responds to a few hundred requests and for this particular season, during the pandemic period, 50 of the 68 requests have already been resolved.

To all readers, please make good use of this information, which makes the FCG action unique and is perfectly in line with our CSR actions.

If you are a member of the club or close to it, the committee will be at your service.

Contact: patrick.mordenti@fcgrugby.fr