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Review of the weekend's matches

  • Amazones
  • Crabos

For their first match of the Championship, the Gaudermen won in Berjallienne land against the XV Dauphinois with a score of 00 to 45 (half-time score 00 / 31).
Dominant in conquest, the young Grenoblois did not fall into the easy way and knew to play collectively until the end. 

Second day of championship for the Alamercery who welcomed their counterpart of the CSBJ on the annex field of the Stade Lesdiguières and 2nd victory of the young Grenoblois on the score of 45 to 6. A serious game of the "Red & Blue" which allowed them to score on both halves.
Beautiful victory of the young "Rouge & Bleu" against CSBJ on the score of 41 to 7 with 7 tries of which 3 transformed! 
2 weekends off for the Crabos before the trip to Oyonnax on 30.10. 

Amazons U18
For the first game of the championship, the young Amazons travelled to Oyonnax. After a magnificent preparation game against SOV, the U18 had in heart to confirm against the Aindinoises and it is done! With a 7-55 victory. 

Amazons Fédérale 1
2nd day of the championship for the Fédérale 1 team who received the Violettes Bressanes (Bourg en Bresse). The Iséroises immediately took the upper hand, with an intense first half in which their opponents did not have the opportunity to score (half-time score 29 / 0). A 2nd half just as well controlled by our Amazons which allows them to validate a 2nd victory 51 to 10.

Amazons Elite 1
For this 3rd day of championship, the Amazons Elite 1 team travelled to Rennes to face the women of Stade Rennais. The first half was intense, the 2 teams gave blow for blow, the Iséroises hung on to the score and were only behind by one point at the break (half time score: 22 / 21). Unfortunately, Rennes were more lucid in the second half of the game and increased the gap to win 36 to 24.

Photo : K. Valentin