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The Espoirs line-up against Stade Montois

  • Espoirs

For the 6th day of the championship, the FCG Espoirs travel to Mont de Marsan. 

After a defeat against Toulouse, the young "Red & Blue" are keen to win again. To validate this objective, here is the line-up proposed by the coaching duo: Lionel Ringeval & Lionel Enselmoz

The starting XV: Pierre Strippoli, Enzo Camilleri (c), Irakli Aptsiauri, Hilan Delbois, Diego Pinheiro Ruiz, Arthur Christienne, Quentin Dubois, Luca Di Salvatore, Aubin Lemois, Hugo Trouilloud, Hippolyte Massa, Jules Escoffier, Benjamin Reynier, Hugo Pandolfo, Tom Sposito 

Substitutes : Emmanuel N'yobo, Mathieu Guironnet, Guram Ganiashvili, Axel Gonin, Kelian Boissier, Jean-Baptiste Richardis, Kiros Tournadre, Theo Lavoine

Photo : K. Valentin