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The results of the weekend

  • Amazones
  • Crabos
  • Espoirs

First defeat for the young Grenoble team with a score of 17-20 against VRDR. After a difficult start, the "Red & Blue" managed to take the lead but were surprised in the last minute of play by conceding a try between the posts.

The Young Isérois won against the VRDR 29 to 10 on the Stade Lesdiguières annex.

Amazons U18 
Since the beginning of the season, the young Amazons have been performing well, like this weekend's victory against Toulon, 78-5 ! A one-way game where the Iséroises took the upper hand on the Toulon team from the first minute and gave their opponents no chance.

The Isérois scored the first points of the match with a penalty at the 8th minute, which were the only "Red & Blue" points of the first half. The Narbonne team scored 12 points on foot, on Grenoble's fouls, score half-time: 3 - 12.
Change of pace in the 2nd half! The Isérois perform a feat and reverse the trend by scoring 4 tries (52', 58', 63', 68') all converted! While preventing the Aude team from crossing the line, final score: 31 - 12
Tries: Kelian Boissier, Pierre Strippoli, Hyppolite Massa & Kiros Tournadre
Points at the foot: Hugo Pandolfo

Photo: L. Lilly