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A useful & eco-responsible gift for the FCG training

What combines innovation, eco-responsibility and simplicity? 

The Tiraka cleaning brush! 

Tiraka is a young company, part of the FCG Start-Up XV. Thomas Perrot, the founder, has already won the FFF Innovation Trophy in the "Social Responsibility" category with the cleaning brush.
Tiraka's cleaning brush is the ideal product for all people, sporty or not, who care about the maintenance of their shoes, and who also favour purchases with a true ecological concept. Indeed, the brush is made of 100% recycled plastic, the packaging is made of natural and reusable cotton, it allows you to clean your cleats with only 30cl of water! 

As part of the club's CSR policy, FCG and Tiraka have joined forces for the holidays and have equipped all our young players with the cleaning brush, a useful & eco-responsible Christmas gift!
To find out more, visit www.tiraka.fr

Tiraka launches a new ecological product! It is a cleaning lotion, a complementary product to the brush. Made in Isère and more specifically at Concord Textile in Izeron. Simply add a few drops to the brush reservoir to clean your shoes even more easily while leaving a fresh and pleasant smell.