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5th Edition of the Endowment Fund Gala

More than 240 of you attended the 5th Edition of the Endowment Fund Gala on Wednesday 15.03.23!
A successful evening which gathered more than 80 patrons and allowed to collect 50 000 euros of donations to support the solidarity actions of the Endowment Fund.
The sums collected will be paid in full to the FCG Endowment Fund and will support the social, societal and charitable actions carried out by the Club in its territory:
- Education and integration through sport: FCG in my city
This scheme reinforces the club's social role and works with local children: discovery courses, introductions, school activities, invitations etc.
- Development and access to practice for all. 
By providing more human, material and financial resources to the disabled sports section and to the development of women's sports.
- The promotion of sport as a public health issue
Through the development of the interventions of a health sport educator in the structures and companies of the territory + development of the V rugby team. 
- Support for local associations 
By providing financial, human and material support. Through the implementation of projects co-constructed between the FCG and the associations of the territory supported in the framework of the call for projects.
A festive & immersive evening on the theme of the World Cup, where culinary strolls signed by the chef Hervé Thizy allowed the guests to travel to the four corners of the globe: on the way of the nations which will try to win the Webb Ellis Trophy. 
The Club would like to thank its partners who contributed to the success of the exceptional raffle offered during the evening:
- Alpe d'Huez
- Entrepôt du Bricolage
- Brasserie de Cuves 
- ETS Millie Sebastien - Bois de Chauffage 
- La Villa 
The Endowment Fund would like to congratulate & thank the artists, dancers, singers, musicians who animated this evening: 
- Max Clément   
- Tempia Music
- Ouedmed Danse
- Maohi Art Tatou
- Devon Francis & Ayva Muara
- Romain Magellan
A big thank you to the event partners, present for many Editions or newcomers:
- Hervé Thizy 
- Loca 
- Music Plus
- Alpexpo 
- Alain punzano
- Alaska Taufa 
- Effervescence 
And a special thank you to the associations, stakeholders and beneficiary companies of the territory for their testimonies and their benevolence: 
- AGARO - Mireille Mousseau & Emmanuelle Gizart 
- Alyl - Fabien Maroni 
- AFEV - Adlen Hachani & Fatima Zahra Ejjaki
- Qualirec - Pascale Derewiany
- Quad Rugby - Diego Carrillo 
- Hilary Project / FCG Amazones - Jade Bonnet 
See you next year for a new edition!