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  • Gio Aplon
  • Jonathan Best
  • Sisa Waqa
11/08/2016 à 21:15

The FCG, stronger than Lyon at Lesdiguières

The FCG beat Lyon at Stade Lesdiguières during the second test match of the season (19-17).

  • FCG
11/08/2016 à 17:14

The program of Friday 12th August

Second game of the week for the FCG. They play in Italy today.

11/08/2016 à 14:00

The starting XV in Treviso

The FCG will have a young team in Treviso on Friday.

  • Loick Jammes
11/08/2016 à 11:01

“We work a lot on fighting”

Loick Jammes scored two tries after a drive ball against Agen. The hooker will start a second game in a row against Lyon on Thursday.

  • Lucas Dupont
  • Sisa Waqa
11/08/2016 à 09:40

The FCG team against Lyon

The FCG will have a team that will be close to the one that will start against Stade Français next weekend.

  • FCG
10/08/2016 à 17:06

The program of Thursday 11th August

Match day for the FCG players who face Lyon today at Stade Lesdiguières.

  • Armand Batlle
10/08/2016 à 15:33

“The Top 14 will quickly arrive!”

Armand Batlle and the FCG are getting ready for the reception of Lyon on Thursday at Stade Lesdiguières.

10/08/2016 à 15:09

A squad of 30 players for Lyon

30 players of Lyon will travel to Grenoble to face the FCG on Thursday.

  • FCG
  • David Mele
  • Aly Muldowney
09/08/2016 à 18:17

The groups for the 2 pre-season games

The FCG will play two pre-season games this week : on Thursday again Lyon at Lesdiguières and on Firday in Treviso against Benetton Treviso.

  • Alexandre Dardet
09/08/2016 à 15:12

“I have changed many things in my life”

After a 2015-2016 where he played only 2 games, Alexandre Dardet is ready to come back to the highest level.

  • FCG
09/08/2016 à 09:46

The program of Tuesday 9th August

Last collective practice before the games against Lyon and Benetton Treviso.

  • FCG Quad Rugby
08/08/2016 à 10:35

The Rugby Quad Grenoble in Nationale 2

The FCG Quad Rugby will play in Nationale 2 this season, the second tier of quad rugby.