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Mid-season review for women

  • Amazones

We take the opportunity of this new year to review the mid-season results of the CFG women's teams

Elite 1
According to Emmanuel Pellorce, coach of the Amazones Elite 1, this beginning of the seasons marks a promising entry into the top 16 

"After a start that has gone beyond what could have been expected, the group continues to show an undeniable potential that we will now have to handle with a more consistent organization and coherence. While the defeats against Bordeaux, Bobigny and Tarbes are cause for regret, the team has proved against Lille that a place in the middle of the table is reasonably possible. We have resisted the undeniable difference in level between the Armelle Auclair championship and the top 16 championship so far, and it would be wrong to think that the team weakened in the second half of the season. We are in the construction phase. High level requirements cannot be learned in 3 months. So we still have a lot of work to do and we look forward to it with great enthusiasm. »

The Elite 1 team is 4th in Pool 2 with 24 points, 5 wins & 5 losses.

Federal 2
The Amazones team playing in federal 2 are having a perfect first part of the season! With 7 wins in 7 games, the "Rouge & Bleu" are at the top of pool 5 with 35 points!

U18 to XV 
"A very good start to the season with 4 wins in 6 games played in a strong pool. The FFR has chosen this season to make level pools and the team plays at the best national level of the championship at XV M18. We are therefore competing against the best teams in the south-east sector (Montpellier, Toulouse, Romagnat, the LOU...)

3rd in the ranking at 2 points from Toulouse. We will have to be in the top two to qualify. We have a young group with 15-year-old players in key positions (8, 9, 10...) so a group full of future that learns with each game and continues to improve."

Claudia Gallin, coach.


Photo: K. Valentin