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The results of the weekend

  • Amazones
  • Crabos

Amazons U18 to X, team 1 & 2
The two teams met in the same tournament this Saturday in Pont en Royans, against SC Royans and Grâne. Team 1 made a clear round and team 2 only lost to team 1.

Eq. 1 - Eq. 2 : 42-5
Eq.2 - Skull: 25-7
Eq.1 - SC Royans: 29-0
Eq1. - Skull: 24-0
Eq.2 - SC Royans: 27-0

Nice victory 24 to 6 against Aix en Provence on the lawn of Stade Maurice David. The "Red & Blue" won their qualification for the finals even before playing the last match.

Amazons Fed. 2
The Grenoble team lost with a bonus point to Chilly Mazarin 17-15. At half-time the "Rouge a Bleu" were dominated by a transformed 17-10 try, they scored during the 2nd period while preventing the Franciliennes from scoring. This will not be enough to get ahead. Despite this defeat, the Amazons remain in first place in the group.

Signed essays: Enora Delaunay & Lucie Gauthier
Stitches on the foot: Virginie Dorly