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Day of takeover

  • FCG

Back to Lesdiguières for all the sports staff and for the players of the FCG.

Michel Martinez and Stéphane Glas took the floor to welcome the entire team. During this back-to-school meeting, the newcomers, staff and players introduced themselves to the assembly: 

On the staff side:

- Sylvain Begon - Forward Coach 
- Guillaume Sarre - sports doctor 
- Jonathan Ward - fitness trainer

On the players' side: 

- Anthony Alves - Pillar 
- Régis Montagne - Pillar 
- Lilian Rousset - 2nd line 
- Fabien Guillemein - Winger 
- Nathanaël Hulleu - Winger 
- Mathis Sarragallet - Talon 
- Romain Fusier - Centre 
- Florian Zupan - Melee Half
- Thibaut Trotta - Rear
- Andrei Ostrikov - 2nd line 
- Eric Escande - Melee Half
- Enzo Selponi - Opening half 

The remaining recruits and young players from the training centre will arrive next week to meet the mandatory 4-week rest period.

All staff to then visit the new "Steap Stailor Performance Centre" being completed and which will be operational for this weekend's physical tests.

The players received their training and strength training equipment and finished their afternoon by exchanging with each other over their few weeks of rest.

Return tomorrow 8:00 am for 2 days the physical and medical tests.

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