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Bronco test

Heat & sweat on appointment 

It is under 30C° that the FCG players performed the Bronco test at the end of the morning.

The principle is simple: 1.2km to cover in a minimum of time with changes of direction.

2 sessions, one grouping all 3/4 of the club and the other all the fronts....

Whistle blows at 11h30 for the 3/4, suspense until the final sprint or finally Lucas Dupont beats Bastien Guillemin by one second: 4min and 24 seconds for Lucas! A great performance for our 2 winners.

11h45 start of the test for the front, Steeve Blanc-Mappaz finishes the test in pole position with 4min and 43 seconds! This is also a nice drip for our third line.

Discover the pictures of the Bronco test on our Facebook Page