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Who will win the Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup kicks off Friday in Japan, with two FCG players, Leva Fifita (Tonga) and Andrei Ostrikov (Russia).

To enable you to fully experience this event, the CTUP is offering a prediction contest on its Facebook page, starting Thursday, October 19. This predictions competition will be conducted in a new format: the "Rouge & Bleu" supporters will be directly opposed to the Club!

For each match of the competition, you will be able to vote for the prognosis of the supporters. If it is correct, a draw among the right predictions will determine the winner of two match places. If it's not true, no one wins. 

At the end of the competition, if the fans have made more good predictions than the Club, a jersey will be drawn from among the good predictions of the competition. If the Club has the most good predictions, the fans will win... all our respect:)

Go to our Facebook page on Thursday to vote for your preidcition for the opening match between Japan and Russia!