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The XV of the Amazon Elite 1 facing Rouen

  • Amazones

For the 2nd day of the championship, the Amazons Elite 1 receive the Rouen team. Emeline Gros, the captain wants to take her teammates to victory for this 2nd home game.

The XV of departure:

Elisa Aragno, Céline Espit, Mathilda Porterie, Alexia Mathonnet, Laura Richer, Romane Silvestre, Emeline Gros, Alice Henry, Alexendra Chambon, Claudia Gallin, Marie Deferrard, Mallaury Chatron, Fanny Incorvaia, Aude Constans, Salomé Maran

The substitutes:

Valentine Guillet, Linda Hafsa, Elena Masera, Estelle Carpentier, Alyssia Martin, Juliette Blouin, Céline Fresquet, Elisa Guiguet


Photo : K. Valentin