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Ruthless Amazones with Rouen

  • Amazones

Grenoble players win the match on the second round

62. The number of points scored by the winner of the Amazons' game since the beginning of the season. If, for the first day, it was the Montpellier French champions who scored so many points against the Isèroises, for the second day, it was the FCG girls who scored 62 points against their opponents.

The Rouennaises, promoted to Elite 1 and beaten 64-3 in Bayonne on the first day, are still learning at this level. The Normandes held up well in the first half (22-0), but fell apart in the second half (62-0)

With this victory, the Grenoble women are back in the first half of their group's ranking. After two home games, they will travel to the Stade Français next weekend.