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"Double the socks, double the gloves and double the jacket"

  • Solomoni Junior Rasolea
  • FCG - USM

Winter is coming! Junior Rasolea and the FCG players are getting ready for this new gaming and training conditions

Were you happy this morning when you opened your eyes and saw the snow?

"I am happy because it is a great scenery. You can see the mountain, white. Everything is white. It is beautiful. But training is a total different story. It is very cold. You have to double your socks, you have to double your gloves, you have to double your jacket. It is a good experience. I am looking forward to a bit more snowy days in the training sessions. "

How does the FCG fit in this Pro D2?

"I think, as a team, we've got a big point to prove. Coming down from Top 14. Obviously, the team wants to get back to Top 14. Steph and the coaching staff have spoken about that. I think the boys really want to go back up. You can tell that most of our performances of lately that we poised to digging hard to went back up and fight. I think that we are fitting in well. I think that we just got to take every game as it comes. Because it is really anyone's game on a day. If we keep going the way we are going, we just make sure that we don't get to ahead of ourselves. And everything will go good for us. 

You have played with Taleta Tupuola, Alaska Taufa and Pablo Uberti at the center. What is it to play with such various players?

"With Leka, Taleta, and Alaska, it is good, because you always know that they will break the line. So, you're gonna make sure that you're beside them, either left or right, just to, when they make a break, that they can pass it to you. That you're there for support. You know, they've good defense. And good attack. And it's easy obviously, speaking english to them and stuff like that. But my French is getting better so it's easier to speak to the french boys, now at training. With Pablo, it is good, because, when there is a bit of space, you can give it to him and he's gonna into that space, because he is really quick. I think he is the quickest in the back, the whole team. It is good to have a variety of player around so that I can fit off them. "

What do you think about the old man, Alaska?

"(Pointing Halani) He's too old! You know, it is always said that age is nothing but a number. And Alaska, week and week, he's always performing at his best and h'es always covers up. Even when he doesn't think he's performed well, everyone thinks he's performed well. He wants to do better the next week. I think it is a good thing to have a good mindset, that you don't set for what you've done, that you could do more and more. It's maybe the way he thinks, because every week, he plays well. You'd think he is 27 or 25 the way he is playing. "

What is your thoughts on Montauban?

"They got a lot of island boys. One of the boys I know I used to play back in school, played in school in Australia with him. I'm a really good friend with him. What we've learnt is just try to be direct and get our licence to go out wide. Not rather go wide and wide. We need to take it up straight first. Couples of phases and then go wide. But they are a team, a big team to respect. The big boys, they can run around and can play well. As long as we just play, that our mindset is right, I think we should get the job done. But we're not getting ahead ourselves here. "

How is it to play against island players? You know youselves well?

"Before the game, yes. We are friends. And after the game. But when we are on the field, it is a different story. It is business. You do laugh if you are at the bottom of a nettoyage, you can joke around, and stuff like that. But when it's one and one, it's a different story. You take it seriously. "