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Jean-Noel Perrin "We need to reassure ourselves"

  • Jean-Noël Perrin

The goal of the match
"Victory. Soyaux was a top 6 customer even though now they have lost their place, not so long ago they were in the top 6, so we expect a top level confrontation. Then we need to be reassured, on the bases, about our last outing in Aurillac, which for the moment was not reassuring. We were very weak in our conquest, we know that in this division we can't afford to have such poor performances".

What's the solution? 
"We're going to work, I'm not saying that we haven't been working until now, quite the opposite, except that we've taken our kick at the A*S. It's collective, it's not just the players, we've included ourselves too. Aurillac doesn't trust the first places in terms of scrum performance for nothing. We were warned, but we didn't put the ingredients in place to upset them. It looks like a recovery match and we had to do much better than that. Maybe we'll be called a reaction team, but maybe we needed to take that kick in the A*S. We're still learning in the scrum division, but this time we got through it. I think we players and coaches have a revenge to take on ourselves. »