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"At this time, it is like a roller coaster'

  • Stéphane Glas
  • FCG - BOPB

The FCG manager Stéphane Glas expects much more from his players for the home game against Biarritz, which should be played in better conditions than the first leg in Basque Country.

Team performance

"It's been 3 or 4 weekends now, between Nevers, Perpignan, Montauban, it's been a bit of a roller coaster. In terms of what we can offer. Already, regaining a taste for victory. This weekend... Because we lost last week. And then, being able to show something else on the field. It's a game that's easy to forget, Montauban. And it's a good opportunity to forget about it this weekend. »

The opponent of the week

"It's still a pretty strong team. Who's there. Who wants to qualify. Who's going to play the qualifier all the way to the end. Team a little bit injured, since they lost last week against Perpignan their first game of the season (at home). They hadn't lost at home yet. We have to stay vigilant about that. Team certainly revengeful. But we too have something to make up for. We're hoping that at home, though, we'll be able to make up for it. »

Playing conditions

"Fortunately (they will be better than during the first leg). Because those were conditions... We played anyway, but frankly, it wasn't especially rugby. Tomorrow, I think they're predicting a bit of snow, a bit of rain. We don't know for sure. We'll see what happens. But, anyway, we've got a very, very good pitch here. Unfortunately, the ball might be slippery. I think we'll still be able to develop a little bit of play. With the beautiful field here, there's no reason why not. »