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"Eager to catch up"

  • Enzo Selponi
  • FCG - BOPB

Enzo Selponi and FCG aim to do better against Biarritz in Montauban

Will we have to do better than last week?

"Obviously, after a defeat and a disappointment in Montauban, from where we would have liked to bring something back. We want to make up for our bad performance in Montauban a little bit. We've been playing a few games away from home, where we've been moving around more or less badly. At home, we're pretty good at what we do. But against Perpignan, we had some shortcomings and difficulties in the scrum, once again. We're going to have to erase some of that. And that we put the game from start to finish properly. And we have to solve the scrum problem, we have to solve the aggression problem, we have to get everything together and we have to win this game against Biarritz, which will be a big game tomorrow. "

The weather won't be favourable for big flights?

"Given the weather conditions tomorrow, I think it must be snowing, in any case, it's windy and maybe raining. It might not be a big match. But that's where we're going to see if we're going to be dominant or not in a closed scrum. In terms of the management of high times and low times, we're going to be strong too. It's one game after another, to learn, always learn. And to reach a final goal, which will be the final stages. It's going to be a big game tomorrow. "

This will be your first start with your cousin Eric Escande. How do you feel about him?

"We're happy. We're happy. We're hoping to put our connection to good use for the team. And then we're hoping to win our first game together as first-team regulars. "