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"I like the scrum, like every Georgian prop"

  • Nika Neparidze

New recruit for FCG, with Georgian prop Nika Neparidze from Vannes. Having passed through the ASM Clermont training centre, Nika Neparidze reveals who he is


You just got here a few days ago, but you haven't had a chance to practice yet? (Interview conducted at the end of June)

"No, not yet. Because I'm not allowed, until July 1st. There are two days left, and then I start. »

Did you take the opportunity to find a place to live?

"Yes, I found a good apartment, right next door. It's 10 minutes away. I'm comfortable. »

Can you tell us about your journey?

"In France, I arrived in 2015, at the WSA Clermont training centre. Afterwards, I spent 3 seasons there as a hopeful. After that, two years ago, I signed in Vannes. In 2018. I spent two seasons there. And, I arrived here this year. »

How well do you know Julien Ruaud, another new recruit?

"Yes, Julien Ruaud and I were French champions in the Espoirs. And Simu, too, he was there too. But he was more often with the pros. »

What's your strong point in the game?

"Like all Georgians, I like the scrum. »

You won't be the only Georgian in the group...

"Yes, there are already three of us. Me and Ilia, it's our first season here. There's Nika too. He's been playing here for two seasons, I think. »