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"Grenoble reminds me of my hometown: there are mountains everywhere"

  • Benito Masilevu

Fijian winger Benito Masilevu joined FCG this summer. The former Brive and Agen player is enjoying his time at the foot of the Alps

When did you arrive in Grenoble? (interview conducted July 3rd)

"I came here on Saturday. Last week. And I officially started yesterday and today. I was doing some rugby yesterday.  Learning some... especially the moves, with the forwards. Combine. But not yet with just the trois-quarts. But with the team, I started yesterday."

Where have you been during the lockdown?

"I was just in Agen. All I do is, when we were allowed one hour outside. So I do one hour of training. Because I live next to the stadium. So I walk and I go on training there for one hour. Nearly every two days, in one week. I did not train every day, but three days in a week was enough to be active."

Was it a difficult period for you?

"Training alone is something that is very hard. But I get used to it during the lockdown."

Were you alone in Agen?

"I have my girlfriend and my daughter. I was not alone. My daughter was the main one, that keeps me going. She is three."

Why did you choose to come to Grenoble?

"A lot of people ask the same question. Why did I come to Grenoble. But I normally love this team. The way they play. I was a big fan of Grenoble when I was playing in Brive. When I come here to play Grenoble. I always love this place. And from where I come in Fiji, where my village is, there are also mountains everywhere. So that's why I want to come here."

Do you know any FCG player?

"Not at the moment. I just know their faces."

What kind of player are you?

"I'm not fast. But learning how to play wing, over the year, I think I've gain a bit of experience on how to play wing. And how to read the game from the outside. And I've learned to communicate with the inside. That makes me look fast but, in reality, I'm not very fast. And, also, the reason why I make a lot of effort to finish, because the main role of a wing is to finish off everything. Because I always think of the forwards. That they do a lot of job, giving us ball from the scrum, giving us ball from line-out. I have to make sure that that ball ends up in behind the try line. Just to make them happy."

You can also play various position?

"I played 13 sometimes. But I play 15 as well. I played full-back for international rugby."