• Scrum-half
  • France
  • Jan 12, 1993



  • 180 cm
  • 80 kg


Theo Nanette is a FCG player.

He arrived in Grenoble in 2018, after playing in Clermont (academy, French champion Espoirs) and Aurillac

The news about Théo

  • Théo Nanette

Theo Nanette "a match where we're gonna put up a lot of fight."

  • Théo Nanette
  • BOPB - FCG

The XV of Grenoble in Biarritz

Théo Nanette is back in the squad

  • Théo Nanette
  • BOPB - FCG

"I took this period with a lot of philosophy."

After eight months away from the field, Théo Nanette will return to competition this weekend during the FCG's trip to Biarritz

  • Théo Nanette

New contract for Theo Nanette

The former Aurillac and Clermont player signed a 2 seasons contract