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Lucas Dupont "putting intensity and quality back into our game"

  • Lucas Dupont

Lucas Dupont, captain for the match against Soyaux Angoulême, speaks about the upcoming match.

Soyaux-Angoulême revenge after the first game

"I think it's the third team on the away games: they have taken a lot of points, wins and a draw, it's a team that moves well. So compared to the first leg and all these characteristics, it's an invitation to be suspicious".

Happy to be captain?

"I don't mind, I'm just going to try and make the right decisions for the team on Sunday. I'll be well surrounded, the responsibilities are shared. »

Need reassurance after Aurillac?

"Yes, the match in Aurillac in content wasn't very good. We were lucky that Enzo (Selponi) wanted to win the match in the end. Compared to that, it's certain that we tried to put some intensity and quality back into our game to give ourselves a maximum of luck on Sunday.