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FCG keep going forward

  • Corentin Glenat
  • Enzo Selponi
  • Solomoni Junior Rasolea
  • FCG - SA XV

The "Red & Blue" have signed a third consecutive victory by beating Soyaux-Angoulême (30-8)

The Grenoble giants kicked off their 2020 year at the Stade des Alpes with a big win over Angoulême (30-8). The territorial dominance in the first half and then defensively in the second half left the Angoumoisins with only crumbs. Small regret for the "Red & Blue", that of not having been able to obtain the offensive bonus.

As usual, the Grenoble staff had made several changes in its starting XV. Thus, Lilian Rossi started a Pro D2 match for the first time this season. The young striker from Echirolles showed himself to be in perfect harmony with his line-up. The Grenoble players scored the first two tries of the match with two similar actions: a first attempt to carry the ball, well defended by the big pack from Charente, before the ball comes out to navigate in the hands of three-quarters of the Grenoble players. Enzo Selponi was the first (13-0, 28'), Junior Rasolea the second (20-3, 36').

Thanks to a very good occupying game, the Grenoble side returned to the changing rooms with a comfortable lead.

The tone changes in the second half. The visitors kept their hands on the ball, but Grenoble's defensive line was unstoppable. Kaminieli Raivono, however, took advantage of a good ball to score from the edge of the box after Ange Capuozzo had been shown a yellow card a few minutes earlier (20-8, 54').

Less precisely, the Isèrois never managed to regain their domination. But their efficiency in defence prevented the Soyaux-Angoulême players from getting back on the scoreboard. And when the SA XV half-time scrum half failed to find the ball, Corentin Glenat picked it up and scored after his first touch (30-8, 74').

The Grenoble side will be looking for the attacking bonus, but it is Angoulême who has the last chance to try, but a Charente player commits an en- forward in the end zone after the siren. 

With the win, FCG moved within a point of championship leaders Perpignan before moving on to Beziers and then Nevers to complete the block.