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The FCG family is growing

  • Rugby à XIII fauteuil

The Handisport section of FCG Rugby now has 2 groups! 

Quad Rugby or wheelchair rugby, created at the club in 2016. Quad rugby is a handisport derived from XV rugby, ice hockey and basketball, practised by disabled people with four limbs in a wheelchair. It pits two teams of four players against each other on a floor. The objective of each side is to put the ball in the opponent's goal area and to do so more often than the other team.

David Romero, leader of the FCG Handisport section, has made official the creation of a Wheelchair Rugby XIII team! 

This sport, which is recognised worldwide, is totally "inclusive". The aim is to have physically handicapped or able-bodied people, men or women, of all ages and backgrounds, play on the same field.
The rules of this adapted practice make the game completely accessible to all types of public. It is an excellent means of mutual understanding because the handicap changes sides... when the able-bodied person sits on the chair!

The rules applied are those of "13-a-side flag rugby". On a handball field, 6 players are distributed and play with a real rugby ball. The tackle is replaced by the fact of catching the Flag on the arm of the opponent who holds the ball; a hold is played and the game can be restarted on each possession of the ball by a team, 5 holds are possible, the 6th being a transition hold at the end of which the ball is returned to the opponent. A try is awarded when the ball is flattened after or on the goal line. It is worth 4 points. The conversion and the penalty are worth 2 points (tries from a tee and kicks from the fist) and the drop is worth 1 point.

Would you like to find out more about Wheelchair Rugby? Click HERE 

Would you like to try out this sport during a training session and become a FCG player? 
Would you like to volunteer for this adventure? 
Contact: david.romero@fcgrugby.fr