• Hooker
  • France
  • May 1, 1998



  • 182 cm
  • 97 kg


Lilian Rossi, born on 1 May 1998, is a French rugby player who plays as a follower for the Espoirs team of FC Grenoble.

Trained at AL Echirolles, he joined the club in 2014.

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The news about Lilian

  • Lilian Rossi
  • Benito Masilevu
  • FCG - RNR

FCG wins in the last minutes

FCG - Rouen: 21-15

  • Lilian Rossi
  • FCG - VRDR

"Fighting must help us get out of the doubt spirale"

Before the reception of Valence-Romans at the Stade des Alpes, Lilian Rossi deciphers the state of mind of FCG players

  • Lilian Rossi
  • Fabien Guillemin
  • Karim Qadiri

A win to finish the pre-season

FCG beat Oyonnax for the last game of the pre-season (25-16)

  • Lilian Rossi

Lilian Rossi: "The goal of the game is to be strong in conquest."