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FCG beaten by Oyonnax

  • Gaëtan Germain
  • Alaska Taufa
  • Corentin Glenat

Second loss for Grenoble in this pre-season

It was a particularly rural setting that the FCG faced Oyonnax for the second and final game of preparation for their summer preparation, in Morez, Jura.

As against the LOU last week, the Grenoble players took the lead and won the first third (3-13), thanks to a try from Alaska Taufa and several kicks from Gaëtan Germain.

The Isèrois can no longer score and Oyonnax wins the second third (16-13)

Finally, the Bugey players widened the gap a little more by winning 25-20 (Corentin Glenat's try for the FCG).

The Isèrois will be back on site in 15 days, at the Stade des Alpes, with the reception of Colomiers.