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"Be more precise than last week"

  • Steeve Blanc-Mappaz

Against Oyonnax, Steeve Blanc-Mappaz wants to see improvement compared to the previous week's performance against Lyon

I hear we're in the busiest week of prep week?

"It's true that we were used to finishing at 1:30 pm until now. There, we had two days where we did morning and afternoon. It's been a good week. With a little heat, too. It went well."

Will you be in good shape to face Oyonnax?

"Yeah, we have to. There was a lot of work on the LOU game, after the LOU game. In any case, a lot of work had to be done to prepare for this match."

Over the three periods, we saw three very different games from the FCG. Is that the feeling you have too?

"Yes, of course. There was the first one, which was of high quality, we lead to the score. The second one, we took a lot of tries. And the third one, which was in between, but not necessarily very good. Because, technically, we lost a lot of balloons. There were some things to remember about the first one. A few of the other two. But it was not of high quality. "

Lyon is a semi-finalist in the Top 14 and has high ambitions.

"Of course, but you don't have to make excuses. Technically, it's up to us to improve, to be a little more focused, to try to be as clean as possible, anyway."

What are the areas where you need to show progress?

"Already, on communication, a lot of desire, adjustments to be refined. To be much cleaner than last week, technically. "

Oyonnax will be a direct competitor to this championship. This game is already an opportunity to set the record straight?

"Of course. Not to set things straight, but it's obvious that you have to mark your territory very slowly. It's a team that we're already going to find twice as much. It's up to us to play a good game and score our territory. It's the last game before the championship resumes. You still have to be certain before you receive Colomiers. "

How did you find this preparation short enough?

"We're glad it's short, because at least we get to the games faster. Because we, of course, only want to play. But, seemingly nothing, it still pulled a lot more out of it than the other years, I found. It's true that it goes fast. We get to friendly matches, championship matches very quickly. "