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Le XV des Espoirs in front of Montpellier

  • Espoirs

After a victory at home in Aurillac on 9 January, the young Grenoble players will travel to Montpellier for the late match of the third day. The Hérault inhabitants are last in the group tied with their neighbours from Toulon. The hopes of the FCG, 2nd in the ranking, 11 points behind Perpignan, have won 5 times in a row!

For this match, the staff once again put their trust in Victor Guillaumond for the capitanat.

The XV of departure: Eli Eglaine, Pierre Strippoli, Nika Gvaladze, Lilian Rousset, Arthur Christienne, Igor Serrafino, Feibyan Tukino, Victor Guillaumond, Aubin Eymeri, Thibaut Moreno, Wilfried Hulleu, Côme Menisser, Benjamin Reynier, Robin Farcot, Tom Sposito

The replacements : Vojtech Vomacka, Saba Michelashvili, Guillaume Coing, Axel Gonin, Aubin Lemois, Mathias Duchaux, Hugo Pandolfo, Georges Vea

Photo : C. Peyraud