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Nice victory for the Espoirs

  • Espoirs

The hopefuls sign a nice victory against the Castrais 41 to 27!

Lionel Ringeval, coach of the Grenoble youngsters, looks back on the game: 

"We are satisfied with the boys' performance. After our setback in Montpellier we wanted to win again before the development period (truce until March 28th). 

We attacked the match in the worst possible way by conceding a try after 2 minutes of play but the players didn't panic and stayed on the instructions set before the match. We score 4 good tries. Our conquest gradually took the upper hand over that of Castres.

Our offensive animation is progressing notably since last week's match. We didn't manage to improve our success, but in view of our staffing problems (multiple injuries) and last week's disappointment, we are fully satisfied with the result and the content developed throughout the match.

It is now time for us to regenerate ourselves, to heal the sores and to move on to this period of development where we will focus our work on the individual more than on the collective".

Photo : F. Martine