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Grenoble widens the gap

  • USON - FCG

In an icy atmosphere (3C°), the USON proved to be conqueror and dominator in many sectors: melee, touch, occupation and possession largely to the advantage of the locals. But the FCG were able to keep their backs to the wall: at half-time, Grenoble led 6-5 after two successful penalties from Selponi (3rd, 35th) and having conceded only a small try through a powerful ball carried (15th). The FCG played with its luck: twice the USON had shown itself extremely dangerous just in front of the line and twice they had committed an en-avant.

Back from the changing rooms, the match remains in the same line: Nevers attacks, Grenoble defends, and defends well. Without being too much in danger, the FCG repelled the attacks of the Nevers forwards before conceding a killer counter-attack from Manévy (12-6, 59th). There followed 15 minutes during which Grenoble defended without seeming to find the slightest fault in the Neversois wall. Deon Fourie (69th), will even be penalised with a yellow card and will have to leave his team at 14 until the end of the match. It is then said that it is over for Grenoble who will have to return home empty-handed from Burgundy.

It was without counting the last 5 minutes of Grenoble's anthology: quietly, serenely and with patience, FCG will follow the penalties to finally find the fault through Rey at the 78th minute. A minute of pick&go later, Grenoble held its second victory away, without panache or show but with lucidity.

Thanks to this victory, Grenoble stays 7th but widens the gap to the qualification zone, leaving the red zone behind it once and for all. Nevers stays 5th.